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How to Get Glowing Skin with Face PRP: A Step-by-Step Guide

We all want to capture the time and turn it back to get youthful skin. Well, the good news is it is possible with PRP rejuvenation. It is a state-of-the-art method to enhance the beauty of your skin by removing all the aging problems. This skin rejuvenation treatment captures all the imperfections from your face and replaces them with perfect new skin cells.

Moreover, the method is ideal for enhancing collagen production in your skin using a microneedling process. Platelet-rich plasma injections penetrate the skin and optimize the cell turnover and growth of new blood vessels. After the session, you will see clear PRP before and after the face difference. A PRP face comes up with a new shine and glow.

The treatment benefits almost every skin problem, and you will see the results with very little downtime. For further guidance, tour the article, where you will learn everything about the PRP. How does PRP injection for the face work, and is PRP safe for you?

Read the article to know more!

Benefits of PRP on Face

PRP has several benefits, from fine lines to wrinkles, restoration and resurfacing of skin. For further guidance, see the benefits of PRP given below:

prp before and after face

Produce Collagen

After a certain age of 25, collagen production starts to reduce. This results in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on your face. The collagen keeps reducing in your body for the rest of your life. Therefore, you need a facial solution to increase the collagen.

The production of collagen stimulates or increases with any skin trauma. Therefore, you need a vampire facial for the collagen treatment. Because when the needles hit your skin rapidly, the skin goes through trauma by this penetration. The collagen treats the skin as soon as it contacts the needles. You will be able to see immediate results on your face.

Help You Remove Wrinkles and Fine Lines

The main reason behind the facial issues related to aging is low cellular turnover. Skin cells get repaired by replacing the old cells with new cells. PRP injection for the face removes old skin cells and produces new cells, collagen, and elasticity.

The treatment tightens by hitting on the skin. Moreover, it works on the hollow part of your skin and eliminates the deeper spaces.

Retain the Moisture on Your Skin

The thickness and health of the outer layer are important to protect the inner layers of the skin. This healthy barrier retains the moisture in your inner layers, making it glowing and shiny. However, an unhealthy diet and lack of essential vitamins cause serious skin issues. Read more about essential vitamins for facial beauty.

The treatment unclogs the pores and reduces their appearance. This maintains the moisturizing look of your skin. This enhances the beauty of your skin.

prp face

Enhances Skin Tone

If you have acne scars, poor skin tone, surgical marks, or skin trauma, PRP will reduce their appearance on the skin. PRP will reduce the old cells with new ones. You will see mind-blowing PRP before and after the face results.

A Treatment with No Pain or heavy scars

Vampire facial cleans your skin with gentle care. You will not feel any pain or scar on your skin after the treatment. It will remove dirt, dust, black or white heads, and makeup marks from your face.

Moreover, it does not cause any harm to susceptible skin around your eyes and does not create itching.

No heavy Pre-Treatment Preparation

In different facial treatments, you have to take some pre-treatment measures or sessions, which are not required with PRP. However, if your dermatologist has advised you something, you should follow the instructions because it will only increase the effectiveness of the results.

Is PRP safe for the face?

PRP rejuvenation is a good choice if you are a healthy person with good platelet production, as you have learned about the Benefits of PRP on the face in the previous section. However, for some people, it can be painful depending on their tolerance to bear pain. If your skin is too sensitive, you will probably feel light sunburns or slight itching due to the discomfort sensation of the needle.

The treatment is beneficial for almost everyone, especially,

  • If your face carries a lot of acne scars on it
  • And it is full of hyperpigmentation, affecting your skin’s appearance
  • You have aging marks on it, such as fine lines and wrinkles
  • Moreover, if you want smooth, tight, and firm skin
  • Furthermore, dry skin or skin with uneven tone also makes you a good candidate for PRP

However, if you have any blood clotting or disease condition, talk to your doctor or certified dermatologist before taking the PRP injection for the face.

How many PRP injections do you need?

Most dermatologists suggest 3 or more sessions for PRP treatment. This means for efficient results, you have to visit your therapist at least 3 times. The sessions occur at a distance of four to six weeks to let the already penetrated skin heal properly.

However, for long-lasting results and consistent collagen growth, it is recommended to take monthly sessions for at least 3 consecutive months. And the results will last for almost 9 months to 18 months. Moreover, if your sun exposure is low and your skin texture is good, the results will remain for nearly 3 years.

Who can not have PRP rejuvenation?

The PRP treatment is highly not recommended for the following people:

PRP rejuvenation

  • People with HIV and AIDs
  • Patients of Hepatitis C
  • Patients with blood cancer
  • If you have a condition of cardiovascular
  • Moreover, it is also not good for patients with skin cancer


To sum up, PRP can eliminate every skin problem on your face. However, we recommend you consult certified dermatologists and skin specialists to learn better about your condition. Consult them that, is PRP safe for your skin or not. You must take every precaution your doctor prescribes before and after the treatment. Moreover, Take regular sessions for better and long-lasting results.

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