facial massage
facial massage
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How To Give Yourself A Facial Massage At Home

If you want glowing and refreshing skin, we are about to tell you a secret. There are some easy steps that you should take to perform a facial massage at home. Facial massage is one of the results promising solutions for facial issues. Whether it is acne or facial bloating, it solves everything. In the following guide, we have given step-by-step procedures and essential products for a facial massage at home. Follow the article to the end!

The benefits of Facial Massage

Whether you are using a facial roller or doing it manually, facial massage enhances the health of your skin. It improves blood flow, reduces fine lines, and reduces aging factors. Further, it helps you relax your facial muscles. Following are some advantages of Facial Massage for our readers:

  • Support Blood Circulation by stimulating the flow

Healthy skin needs healthy blood circulation. When you massage, the blood reaches all cells of the skin. This oxygenated blood provides nourishment and health to the skin cells. It removes toxins and increases their immunity to fight against acne and other skin infections. The process provides a natural cleansing to the skin.

best oil for face massage

  • Enhance the Effectiveness of Skincare Products

If you apply something to your skin, you must ensure you are applying it correctly. To enhance the results of any product, you have to apply it evenly. If you massage properly, your serum will spread on the skin properly without leaving patches.

  • Provide Freshness to Your Skin

It is a tool for refreshing skin. When you massage, the blood flow through your skin provides a glow and an incredible sense of freshness. Reduce the chances of sensitivity, redness, and irritation.

  • A solution for Inflammation and Bloating

Massage is the best therapy if you are dealing with puffiness or face bloating issues. There are specific face exercises that you can do while massaging. They help to reduce the puffiness on your face. It works as a tool against inflammation.

  • Remove the Wrinkles and Fine Lines

It improves the lymphatic drainage in your skin. This remedy leads to wrinkle-free facial skin. Moreover, it supports the collagen production in your skin. Collagen is prone to remove fine lines and any skin damage. It maintains skin health.

Massage Tools You Can Use by Yourself

There are different massage tools available in the market. These tools enhance the benefits of massage to the next level. However, it would be best if you used the tool that goes easy on your skin. We are going to discuss some top-noch massage tools:

  • Derma Rollers: Remedy for Acne Scar

One of the most popular tools for facial massage. Many dermatologists approve of the advantages of the derma rollers. It provides a needle-like treatment to treat acne scars. It helps to produce collagen. It has been approved for its effectiveness in increasing skin elasticity. You can try this at-home face massage tool without any issues. All you have to do is use the best oil for face massage or any face massage cream that may not harm your skin.

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  • Jade Roller: Control the Skin Damage

It is a beautiful massage tool with both ends. One end is for the cheeks, chin, forehead, and jawline. Similarly, the other end is for the nose and eye area.

Some doctors or experts suggest that if you keep the roller in the fridge before using it, the results will be boosted to the next level.

  • Gua Sha: Boost the Blood Circulation

It is an Asian massage technique that is prone to relax the facial muscles. This tool is made of pink quartz. It helps you to control several skin issues and feel relaxed and peaceful.

Types of Facial Massage

There are several types of facial massage that you can do at home without any trainer or therapist.

Classic Facial Massage

It is a gentle tapping, caressing, and soft pinching process. This simple massaging technique is suitable for enhancing collagen production and facial muscle relaxation.

Lymphatic Drainage Facial Massage

Lymph in your skin carries the waste and impurities. It is a type of body fluid made of water, salt, and proteins. It must be removed from the body for a clear skin complexion. This massage helps the lymph out of the skin and provides rejuvenation services.


If a person applies pressure by fingers and palm on a specific point of their skin, it is shiatsu. It is a type of Chinese facial massage. You will see the instant effect in your facial tone. Moreover, it reduces the wrinkles on your skin.

facial massage

Remedial Facial Massage

If you are looking for a massage that will remove the dead skin from your face, it’s a remedial facial massage. It increases the capacity of exfoliants to give you glowing and fresh skin.

Karbido Facial Massage

A very technical facial massage that directly targets 16 facial muscles. It includes 47 different techniques of massage for your face. It gives you relaxed facial muscles every time you perform it.

How to Get a Facial Massage at Home Step-by-Step?

The following section will guide readers about home facial massage techniques.

Make Your Face Fresh and Clean

Wash your hands by using any anti-biotic handwash and dry with a towel. To wash your face, you can use any facewash or regular soap. After removing the impurities, use any hydrated cleanser for your skin. It would be better for you to choose a cleanser that matches your skin.

Use Facial Oil and Moisturizer

Your hands must be smooth and soft for the massage. There are several hand oils and moisturizers available in the market. Other than that, you can use any facial oil as a skin moisturizer. However, you must know your skin type. If you have oily skin and are facing acne issues, find any facial oil for oily skin. Otherwise, you may face other skin issues.

Apply the facial oil on your hands and start massaging the face by using your fingertips.

facial massage at home

Apply Light Pressure on your Face.

Move your hands from upward to downward by putting low pressure. Do not rub your skin roughly, as it will scar the face. Moreover, if you rub the skin strongly, you may face several issues, such as redness.

Is Massage Tools Good for the Skin?

Yes, the use of massage tools enhances the quality and effectiveness of massage. They are suitable for improving blood circulation and enhancing skin tone brightness. Massaging evens the results of skincare products on your face treatments. It ensures the same result for each part of the face.

Winding Up

If you are ready to start a facial massage at home, it’s a good thing. However, you must do it regularly if you want to see long-term results on your face. Experts suggest that you should perform facial massage for 2 to 3 times in a week. You will feel incredible results on your face. Enjoy healthy skin with Yoga!

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