How to Make Your Face Symmetrical

How to Make Your Face Symmetrical

The human body has different postures, and these are shown from the face. Medically, these body postures are divided into two different categories. One is called Symmetrical, and the other is called ASymmetrical. In this article, we will discuss these postures, correct one of them, and methods of medication to resolve posture issues.

When we discuss a symmetrical face it is defined that the face has the same qualities at both sides and the perfect jaw line. It is the perfect face style and looks more attractive and beautiful. On the other hand, if one eye, hear, or complete one side of the face does not match the other side or has a slight difference, such face is called an asymmetrical face.

Sometimes face had an ignorable difference on both sides, and it needed no special treatment. It is also human psychology that a slightly asymmetric face attracts more than a completely symmetric face. But sometimes this difference appears too much and looks bad. There are many reasons that affect the face look. We will discuss them below, continue your reading.

Why is my face asymmetrical?

Many people worry about their asymmetrical look but do not know the proper reason for this. There are many things that can affect the face look. These were a few reasons that affected the face look and made it asymmetric. But this is the 21st century, and there is almost a solution to every problem. Some of them are these.

face asymmetrical

  • Genetic Issues: It is one of the most common issues. Many diseases transfer genetically from parents to their children. If you see that your face is asymmetric, check that others from your family have the same issue.
  • Accidents: Another reason for this issue can be accidents. Some accidents damage the face, and this thing changes the face style. Especially if teeth are damaged, then they affect the face posters.
  • Daily Routines: Daily lifestyle also affects the look of the face. Sun exposure, sleeping on the stomach side, and smoking are the main day routines that make the face asymmetric.
  • Age: It is also a factor in the asymmetric look of the face. Some people have symmetric faces, but age increases, hair falls, and nose size increases, showing the asymmetric look on their faces.

In the upcoming paragraphs, we will find the answer to our question “How to make your face symmetrical?” and many more about this issue.

Non-Surgical Methods to Enhance Symmetry

As the above, we discuss the reasons for the asymmetric face. We will find solutions to resolve this issue and increase the facial look. There are many treatments for those who do not want surgical treatment. This is the time to adopt these treatments and increase their attractiveness.

  • Injunctions: It is the way to make symmetry. Nowadays, there are many injunctions that make the face smooth by controlling the age factors and relaxing muscles.
  • Exercise: These exercises increase the power of muscles on the less dominated side of the face. These exercises include practicing different smiles, puckering your lips, and raising eyebrows.
  • Massage: Massage is another technique that is helpful in reducing swallowing on the face with an increase in blood flow. Sometimes, only swallowing shows an asymmetric look; it changes just with massage without medical treatment.
  • MakeUp: Makeup plays an important role in changing face style. Some makeup techniques, such as highlighting one part, such as the eyes, can cover the asymmetric look and make the face more symmetric.

These are a few nonsurgical ways to cover a symmetric look, but if there is a major issue. It needs a surgy that will be explained in the next paragraph.

Non-Surgical Methods to Enhance Symmetry

Surgical Procedures for Facial Symmetry

When we talk about “how to make your face symmetrical?” we see different solutions, some of them are non-surgical, and these are explained above, and others are surgical solutions. There are almost more than 10 different surgeries that change the face look. But now we will discuss some important from them.

  • Rhinoplasty: If there is an issue with the nose only. Then, this surgery is done, and doctors set your nose position and make it more symmetric.
  • Brow Lift: if you have an uneven number of wrinkles or issues in your eyebrows then medications recommend this surgery that removes all worry lines and makes your face more smooth and symmetric.
  • Eyelid Surgery: this surgery is done when the eyes have any issues and the face looks not perfect.
  • Facial Implants: If different parts of the face need recovery, then surgeons suggest it. It is also implemented for special areas such as the chin, cheeks, and jawlines.

These were the main and most common surgeries done to reshape the face, but many other surgeries are done for different issues of the face. Sometimes, doctors customize surgery plans according to the different problems in face.

Surgical Procedures for Facial Symmetry

Role of Makeup in Creating Symmetry

A play of light and shadow using bronzer, highlighter, and concealer can enhance the nose, jawline, and overall face shape. Dermal fillers and wrinkle smoothers can help achieve facial symmetry. Botox to address asymmetric facial movements and thinned facial muscles.

Exercises and Lifestyle Changes for Symmetry

Exercise always plays an important role in body fitness. Same as there are a few special exercises that affect the face positively and increase a symmetric look. However, studies say there is no exact symmetric face in the world. But you can work to improve the attractiveness of your face.

Partial Wink:

  • Partially winking of an eye at least 50 times.
  • Hold each wink for a second.
  • Push the fingers into the skin of the temple.
  • Slightly pull the skin back and close your eyes tightly.

Check Toning:

  • Press both cheeks with three fingers.
  • Push the muscles towards the jawline with your fingers while smiling.
  • Resist pressure from the fingers by using a smile to manipulate the tissues.
  • Do not move the head during the complete exercise.

Facial Yoga:

  • Fill the air in the mouth and move it between both cheeks four times.
  • Open full mouth, make the eyes wide, raise the eyebrows, and stick out the tongue for 60 seconds.
  • Now change the mouth to an O shape and tight eyes without allowing mouth to move.
  • Clasp the face with both hands and smile widely, but prevent the face from a pure natural smile.

Importance of Facial Symmetry

Importance of Facial Symmetry

Facial symmetry is crucial for human attractiveness. More symmetric faces looked more attractive in both males and females. However, facial symmetry plays a more important role in females’ judgments. Studies prove that symmetry faces look more beautiful, but the human psycho technique of half-mirror views says that people want to look slightly asymmetry. On the other side, nose symmetries affect more than lips.


How to Fix an Asymmetrical Face Without Surgery?

There are different nonsurgical methods to fix the asymmetry of the face. Injections and makeup are two main common ways of fixing this issue. But many other exercises also change the face shape and beauty. Yoga is one of the most common ways to fix face problems.

What surgical procedure fixes facial asymmetry?

There are different surgical procedures that make your face symmetrical. The most common is nose surgery, and the other is plastic surgery. Sometimes, doctors and surgeons decide what type of surgery is needed to fix the asymmetry issue of the face.

Is it possible to change face symmetry?

Yes, In the modern era, nothing is impossible. Now you can change face shape and even hide old age effects. Many surgical and nonsurgical ways change the face look and make it more beautiful.

Can a face be 100% symmetrical?

Studies say that there is no face 100% symmetric. Each face has some asymmetric looks. But the asymmetric nose matters more than the lips. Now, you can fix these issues and make your face more near to symmetric.

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