How Effective Is Water Aerobics For Weight Loss
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How Effective Is Water Aerobics For Weight Loss?

Water aerobics is an aerobic exercise performed in water, like swimming pools. If you need clarification about whether it works for weight loss or not. Well, it definitely works to reduce weight. Therefore, it is gaining popularity these days. Deep water aerobics exercises are

usually performed vertically by people. It is not about swimming but aerobics exercise in waist-deep water. This exercise is as famous as aqua exercise and is the most effective way to reduce weight, tone the body, and enhance stamina. In this post, let’s dive into the world of water exercises and learn how effective water aerobics is for weight loss.

What is Water Aerobics?

Aerobics is an exercise, and water aerobics involves exercise people perform in water. Water aerobics exercises are superb activities that help to reduce body fat and increase your heart rate. Most importantly, aerobics in water boosts your stamina and controls cholesterol levels.

Remember, it is a good cardio routine, and we all know how important cardio is for weight loss. Aerobics bring lots of exercise you can do in the water to lose weight. These exercises are undoubtedly good for those trying to shape their body and those trying to lose weight safely or effectively. Water activities are effective and more enjoyable training than land aerobics. It is a great way to burn calories without dullness and avoid your favorite foods.

Deep water aerobics exercises

The most important thing you need to know about water aerobics exercise! It is a safe form of therapy for those suffering from illness or any kind of surgery.

What Are The Benefits Of Water Aerobics?

There are lots of benefits of water aerobics that help to make people’s lives easy and stress-free. First of all, it is more than a miracle for those who want to lose their fat or weight and give their body a perfect shape. After that, it is considered to burn calories, relieve joint pains, and build muscles.

Well, the above is not enough; let’s explore the top 10 benefits of water aerobics below:

1. Burn calories

The foremost perks of water aerobics are that it helps burn fat or calories. Undoubtedly, all types of exercise help burn calories, but water aerobics is the best. How and why? Well, when you walk in the water or do any kind of exercise, it burns more calories than you do on land. The water resistance greatly helps to burn fat, even for the simplest steps like walking.

2. Non weight-bearing exercise

Usually, you must pull some weight or any kind of heavy equipment in every exercise. But, there is only water aerobics that is not weight-bearing. Furthermore,  water 990% supports the body weight and natural resistance, allowing for building muscles and lessening pain issues.

3. Relief of stress or depression

Most importantly, the water aerobics exercise greatly reduces stress or depression. Additionally,  water exercise deals with hormones responsible for minimizing stress or depression and leaving you with a good feeling at the end of the session.


4. Control bones or joint pain

Water aerobics exercise is the best option for those who face joint and bone pain issues. Working out on land or bearing weights can be tough for most people. If you also suffer similar pains or joint problems, heading into warm water can be a smart move to relieve pain.

5. Boost confidence

Everyone wants to boost their confidence level. Right? Thus, people who do many exercises work better. But don’t you think reducing your weight without taking the burden of heavy equipment or avoiding food is good? Yeah, it can be possible with water aerobics. Indeed, it’s a superb way to boost the confidence.

6. Increase strength or flexibility

It could be surprising to hear you can increase your strength with water aerobics. But, really, it works. Yes, just like other workouts, water aerobics enhances your body flexibility and boosts your self powers as well.

7. Raise cardio

The best benefit of water aerobic exercise is that it helps raise your cardio. Indeed, cardio plays a key role in the fitness world. Somehow, when you exercise in water, you use oxygen more and more efficiently.

8. Reshape your body and lose weight

Many people have issues regarding body shape or weight loss but don’t agree to pull weight or leave the diet. Well, no need to worry! Water aerobics is the only solution for them. It helps to reshape your body and burn excess fat.

9. Physical therapy

We all need physical therapy, but water exercise is best for people recovering from illness or having surgery. You can suggest water exercises for those who need physical therapy.

Physical therapy

10. Entertainment for all age

Beyond fitness properties, water aerobics is entertainment for people of all ages. In simple words, this exercise is a source of enjoyment, relieves stress and anxiety, and changes your mood.

Water Aerobics vs Traditional Exercises- A Brief Comparison

When it comes to exercises, two main exercises come to mind: water aerobics and traditional exercise. Undoubtedly, both benefit users, but some profits or weak points make the difference between exercises clear. So, without wasting time, check them out down:

Water Aerobics

Water aerobics is a type of water exercise known for non-weight-bearing activity. Moreover, the water provides resistance to boost stamina and build muscles as well. Remember, water supports your body weight and lets you consume oxygen systematically. Water aerobics can be a refreshing activity to stay happy and stress-free.

In addition, water exercise equipment is used by many people to create fun in their workout time. These equipment include water belts, aqua dumbbells, pool noodles, swim fins, water exercise discs, etc.

Traditional Exercises

Traditional exercise take place on land instead of water. It requires a proper flat and vast space to perform different activities. Traditional exercises include jumping, running, stretching, and more. Most importantly, it is a high-impact exercise, which means you need to bear weight like heavy dummbles, etc.

Furthermore, this exercise also allows many equipment, such as resistance bands, balls, heavy dumbbells, exercise bikes, workout mats, rowers, and much more.

Which is better? Well, if you want to know which water aerobics or traditional exercise is better. Then, it entirely depends on your physical condition. Water aerobics is your go-to option if you have stress joint pain or are low in confidence. Conversely, traditional exercise is made for you if you love high and heavy-impact activity.

Traditional Exercises

Role Of Water Aerobics In Weight Loss

Indeed, water aerobics plays a dynamic role in weight loss. But the following points will help you clarify and highlight such an entertaining exercise. Check them out.

  • Firstly, you need to know how aerobics lose weight. Naturally, water resistance helps you burn calories, which leads to reduced fat and weight loss.
  • Secondly, Water aerobics is more than exercise. How? The reason is that it allows equipment that seems like a game. As a result, you enjoyed what you were doing.
  • Thirdly, it swings your mood in seconds! Yes, it primarily works to relieve stress and anxiety. When you do your exercise like a game, it expands your excitement. So, when leaving the pool, you will find relaxation or happy vibes in the mood.
  • Lastly, some of the best water aerobic exercises are considered to reduce weight. These include pool plank, flybacks, one-leg balance, spiderman, and cardio. So, a can-do behavior and the proper selection of exercise are crucial.

Research Studies On Water Aerobics

After extensive research and study on water aerobics, it is clear that this exercise is suitable for all age groups. For example, if you are an instructor and want to teach water fitness classes to all ages. Well, water aerobic exercises for seniors and juniors are a way to go.

Some results are given below after research on water aerobics:

  • Improve flexibility: Research proves that water aerobics improves the flexibility in the body. Other exercises also work, but water aerobics shows quick results.
  • Burn fat: Water aerobics burn fat. No need to bear heavy weights. In this way, you can also reduce calories by walking in the water.
  • Balance the bold pressure: Water resistance supports your body and balances the pressure or circulation of blood. Plus, it helps to increase the heart rate.
  • Minimize Stress: It plays a primary role in reducing stress or low confidence. It works to maximize pleasure.
  • Boost morale and energy: After research, it is clear that exercises are the best sources to boost confidence and energy levels in the body.
  • Build cardio muscles: Water aerobics exercises help build muscles and increase cardio without bearing weight.
  • Lessen the pain: Water aerobics exercise reduces joint or bone pain.Lessen the pain

Tips For Effective Water Aerobic Workouts

There are many practical tips for water aerobics workouts. For the newcomers, the following information will significantly help.

● Warm-up

First of all, walk in the water for 25 to 30 minutes. There is no need to run, stay relaxed, or walk in the water to warm up your body and blood circulation.

● Stay hydrated

Remember to stay hydrated. It is suitable for your body and the stretching of muscles as well.

● Take a good start

Take a good start by walking, slowly raising your speed, and trying to jump in the water. You can walk or jump in the water for more than 30 minutes, depending on how much time is taken by your body to warm up in the water.

● Slowly increase your workout

Gradually increase your workout; on the first day, you just walk, and on the second day, use equipment like pool noodles, aqua dumbbells, etc.

● Consider flexibility

Keep in mind your body’s flexibility. Try to stretch your legs and arms day by day for more flexibility.

● Jumping jacks

Jumping jacks work both the upper and lower body. Stand straight in the water and jump by using both at a time. At the initial stage, you can do 1 to 3 sets. After that, increase per stamina.

● Flutter or Bicycle kicking

Kicking in the water relaxes your legs and relieves joint or bone pain. Moreover, it helps to enhance your leg stretching power as well.

Bicycle kicking

● Remain calm down

Stay calm down; don’t overdo the exercise. Remember, there is no need to worry if you encounter any hurdles. Take it easy and do it slightly per your energy.

● Can do behaviors

The last but most important tip is always to maintain your energy. Always show can-do behavior and try new things to make your exercise enjoyable.

Summing Up

Without any doubt, it is noticed that water aerobics greatly help with weight loss. In addition, a small workout in water keeps you healthy and fit. They naturally have a resistant nature, which allows you to burn fat or calories. Most importantly, it is famous as a non-weight-bearing exercise for all ages. So, this information about water aerobics clarifies your various questions about weight loss.


1. Why is it called water aerobics?

Aerobic is a kind of exercise that is placed in water-like pools. Basically, it is a blend of cardio, strength, and fun elements that a specific instructor teaches.

2. Can you lose weight by doing water aerobics?

Of course, water aerobics is a great way to reduce weight. It provides good cardio, and cardio is most important for weight loss.

3. How many times a week should you do water aerobics?

Do water aerobics three days a week if you are just starting your exercise. On the flip side, if you are used to or become regular five times a week, it is a good idea for water aerobics.

4. Can water aerobics tone your body?

Yes, it greatly helps to strengthen and tone your body. Remember, resistance to water tones your muscles, raises flexibility, and minimizes the joint’s pain.

5.  Is it OK to do water aerobics every day?

It is good to do it three times a week if you are a beginner. But it is used to you can do exercise five times a week, which is better rather than to do every day. You should follow the instructor’s guidelines.

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