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What to Wear to Hot Yoga Class:

Are you ready to experience the world of hot yoga? It is not a new thing in the market. Several people are aware of the term. Hot yoga is quite similar to traditional yoga but at a higher temperature. In the following article, we will tell you about what to wear to a hot yoga. We will also mention gender-based clothing as what to wear to hot yoga male section and what to wear to the hot yoga female section. Stay with us and read the article to the end!

Is Hot Yoga different from Regular Yoga?

One difference between hot yoga and traditional or regular yoga is the temperature. We call it hot yoga when you practice a yoga style at a high temperature, the temperature lies at 26 to 37 degrees centigrade.

People use another term in place of hot yoga: “Bikram.” However, Bikram is slightly different from hot yoga. In Bikram, the room temperature lies at 105°F. It has a humidity level of 40%. The yoga practice has 26 dedicated poses and two types of breathing practices. A full package towards meditation! Read more to learn about the best hot yoga clothes in the market.

Is Hot Yoga Good for You?

There are several advantages of hot yoga that we are going to discuss in the following section:

hot yoga

  • The heat provides the flexibility to the muscles. Hot yoga improves the flow of the blood in the blood vessels. Consequently, your muscles get more oxygenated blood. This blood enhances the muscular energy and relaxes them in return. You will feel absolute freshness after a hot yoga.
  • When a person stays in the same position for almost 60 seconds, it strengthens their body. It provides you the power, depending on the yoga style, to both the upper level of the body and legs.
  • Hot yoga boosts the level of minerals in your body. It enhances the density of essential nutrients in your bones. In short, it is effective for your muscles and bones.
  • If you want to burn calories, hot yoga can help you a lot. Heavy sweating and muscular stretching, you will feel the difference in your weight after doing the hot yoga. Furthermore, it burns more calories than any traditional yoga method.
  • You will feel relieved and stress-free after hot yoga. Yoga is a proven instant stress reliever.
  • However, hot yoga is slightly different from regular yoga, so you must know the best clothes to wear during class.

Are there any Safety Measures for Hot Yoga?

Overall, it’s safe for everyone. However, for any exercise, when you start it, there are some safety measures you need to know. The same is the case with hot yoga.

  • With hot yoga, the muscles may lose too much with over-stretching. Sometimes, people start getting injuries in their tendons and ligaments.
  • Moreover, in specific conditions, you may get heat-related diseases. Therefore, you must consult any expert physiotherapist or doctor before starting hot yoga.
  • It can be dangerous if you have any cardiovascular disease.
  • Similarly, if you tend to get heat stroke or heat intolerance, avoid doing hot yoga
  • Pregnant ladies also talk to their doctors to avoid any complications in their pregnancy case. Probably, excessive heat is not suitable for pregnant ladies.

What to Wear to Hot Yoga by Expert Yoga Instructors?

It can be crucial to decide about hot yoga clothing for many people. Let’s see the expert’s suggested hot yoga clothes to wear during yoga. Also, we will discuss the reasons and benefits of choosing different yoga suits.

Moisture-wicking Leggings for Everyone

No one likes to drip into their sweat while doing exercise. The leggings are available in different moisture-wicking materials. Another tip by the expert is “Avoid cotton leggings.” The cotton becomes heavier and feels more uncomfortable after getting wet. Moreover, it increases the body temperature by locking it inside.

what to wear to hot yoga

Moreover, use high-waist leggings; you will feel comfortable and do all poses without issues.

Avoid Body-overheating with Shorts

In hot yoga, wearing shorts is your answer if you want to reduce the overall body temperature without blocking it. It will keep the body temperature normal for all situations. If you are practising any style that requires intense physical exercise at a high temperature, be ready to get sweaty!

Shorts do not remove the moisture and sweat from the body. So it is a good outfit, but keep a handy towel to wipe the sweat out because the sweat affects your grip on the gourd while doing any pose.

Be Comfortable with Tank Top

Several instructors recommend a lightweight tank top for hot yoga. However, the top will fit you, as its fitting will keep it in its actual position during the exercise. You will not get disturbed because of its loss.

For a female, a tank top on her means it will keep the instructor’s or other fellow’s eyes away from her body shape (From a female instructor: For women). Moreover, females can wear the tops with built-in bras. Those tops are semi-flexible, stay in their place, and do not feel tight.

What to Wear to Hot Yoga Female

Being a female, our biggest question is, “What do I wear today?”

Well, for a hot yoga class, we have some ideas that you can use. Yoga is not gender specific. It is the same for both males and females. However, female yoga attire can be different because of different body structures. Following are some important parts of the female hot yoga clothing:

Flexible Pants and comfortable leggings

Some people think wearing shorts will be more comfortable for them. However, your body starts sweating when you exercise intensely at high temperatures. And the droplets start dripping on your feet. Consequently, the moisture in your feet loosens your drip on the ground. Therefore, you cannot make exact poses or stay in the same position for a long time.

hot yoga clothes

However, if you wear leggings, they will help you reduce the moisture. Leggings wipe the sweat out of your body immediately. Moreover, being a woman, if you feel uncomfortable in shorts, you can wear leggings or pants.

Tank Tops, Built-in Bras, and Comfy shirts

You will feel heavy sweating in the upper part of your body while doing yoga. Therefore, you should wear sports bras along with stretchable shirts and tops. Your bra must be stretchable and flexible, too. Do not use a bra 100% made of cotton. Use breathable and soft stuff for your bra or shirt.

If your shirt or tank top is oversized. It will probably disturb you while practising any style. Therefore, try to find something that partially fits your body.

Wear Something to Cover Your Hair

You must cover your hair during yoga, especially if you have long hair. You should use a pony or rubber band, a hair clip, a headband, or any hair accessories to avoid hair falling on your face. If your hair is tugged in something, it will not bother you during yoga. It will not waste your time. Similarly, you will be able to stay in the same for a long time.

What to Wear to Hot Yoga Male

Choosing hot yoga clothing is a much simpler task for males than females, regardless of event or place. Their outfit for yoga is also simple. Most of the males tend to go to yogas shirtless. However, some prefer to wear a T-shirt or tank top for yoga classes.

Similarly, they use stretchable pants and trousers for yoga. As we mentioned before, “For guys, it’s easy!”

what to wear to hot yoga male

Final Thoughts 

It is up to you what you want to wear for your hot yoga class. There are no specific laws on yoga clothing. However, to feel comfortable and enhance the effectiveness of yoga attire does matter. Therefore, it will be good for you to wear whatever you feel is comfortable for you. We hope our blog will help you find the answer to what to wear to hot yoga. Stay Active with us!

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