Mental Health Affects on physical health
Mental Health Affects on physical health
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How Does Mental Health Affect Your Physical Health

Mental health is completely connected to your physical health. No wonder if you are mentally unhealthy, you will be fatigued and tired all day, which will definitely take you to several physical issues. Therefore, to be active and productive in your daily life, it is important to take care of your mental health. In the following article, we will discuss how mental health problems can impact your physical health. And how different activities, such as exercise, impact mental health. Keep reading the article to the end to learn more about how mental health affects physical health.

Link Between Mental Health and Physical Health

Your mind and body are not separate from each other. The mental and physical health are very much dependent on each other. If you are not feeling well physically, you will probably feel depressed and stressed mentally. Similarly, if you are not fresh and mentally, it will impact your cognitive abilities and physical health. For example, if a person is feeling stressed and anxious, he may not feel hungry or go on a hunger strike for days. This situation can cause weakness and inability to perform regular tasks in that person, which are connected to their physical health. On the other hand, some people start overeating in stressed and depressed situations and end up with the issues of obesity and overweight. So, your mental health impacts the overall health of your body in several ways. Therefore, it is essential to keep your mind calm and active all the time to counter any problematic situation.

mental health affects physical health

In the following section, we will discuss how your mental health is connected to your physical health:

  • Genetics

Everyone knows about the role of genetics in your mental health. Several studies show that our genes play a vital role in the wiring of our brains. For example, if someone has any alcohol problems or any mental disorder such as Alzheimer’s or schizophrenia, there is a chance that their offspring will get the same mental problems. Similarly, psychiatrists also believe that the problems related to drug abuse and mood swings can also be due to genetics.

  • Lack of Motivation to Perform Cognitive Activities

We perform different cognitive activities when we do our daily tasks. These activities include everything related to our personal well-being. We learn, respond, eat, sleep, talk, and perform difficult problem-solving tasks by using our minds. If a person is mentally sick, he will not be able to perform these tasks. With time, he may lose his cognitive abilities. This means he will lose his focus and motivation to take care of himself. This will lead him to several issues related to physical health.

  • Give up on Medical Help

Several studies revealed that people with mental health problems stay in the denial phase and try to avoid medical help. They show resistance in taking their session and medicine on time. So it can be difficult to detect their physical issues. Consequently, due to missing these routine checks, it is possible that they will have severe physical health issues for them.

  • Unhealthy Behavior and Lifestyle

If someone is not mentally stable or in the right position, there is a huge chance that they will start living a healthy routine. They show a lack of motivation and capacity for walks and gym workouts. Similarly, they show less enthusiasm at their workplaces. Their eating and sleeping schedule shows an unhealthy pattern. No wonder, with this behavior, some of them fall into the trap of some physical diseases.

However, being physically ill can also lead to severe mental health issues. Researchers believe that one out of three people with long-term chronic diseases often show signs of depression and anxiety.

How Mental Health Affects Physical Health?

Your mental health is vital for your overall health. If you are mentally unstable or inactive in life, there can be several issues that you may face. In the following section, we are going to discuss how mental health issues can change your habits and lifestyle, which will not be good for your physical health.

Smoking and Drinking Problems

Smoking is one of the most common habits among people who are suffering from stress and anxiety. They are not just regular smokers. Many of them are chain smokers who smoke in great amounts. No wonder everyone knows about the health issues related to smoking. It is not good for your heart, lungs, and oral health./ Smoking can cause lung and mouth cancer.

Similarly, the use of alcohol and drugs can also cause several health issues which will disturb your routine life.

Sleep Problems

A human needs eight hours of sleep to feel happy, active, and ready to start a new day. However, several people with mental health issues are unable to sleep at night because of insomnia. The situation of sleep deprivation can be unhealthy for them. It is possible to feel headaches, inability to perform cognitive activities, lack of hunger, and fatigue.

mental health problems

However, some people experience sleep apnea, and they feel breathing problems. Research shows that 50% to 80% of people with different mental disorders show sleeping problems, too.

Sleep problems also enhance the severity of depression and anxiety and cause more problems for the person. Therefore, it is essential to maintain your health.

Chronic Diseases

Anxiety, depression, and stress can be a big cause of chronic diseases, such as high blood pressure, cardiovascular issues, and other physical problems. People with depression also show signs of diabetes, asthma, and arthritis. Similarly, the rate of cancer problems is also high in mentally disturbed people.

Keep yourself Mentally Healthy

Now, you have learned why mental health is essential for you. So, you should take all the measures to keep yourself mentally healthy and active. In the following section, we will tell you about different remedies and activities that you can perform to keep yourself mentally healthy:

Exercise and Work Properly regularly

Physical activities are one of the most beneficial activities to maintain your lifestyle. When a person works out, their brain releases the hormones vital to change their mood into a happy one. Moreover, it is helpful to release stress and anxiety. Moreover, you can also try yoga. Several Yoga styles will help you stay active and calm all the time. Following are some exercises to maintain your lifestyle:

  • Aerobic exercises

There are several types of Aerobic exercise. You can go for a walk, running, hiking, swimming, and jumping rope. All of these exercises will help you stay active and healthy. Moreover, if you start a morning walk, it will be more beneficial for you.

  • Strength training

These are the exercises where you build your muscles by resisting them. The exercise creates muscle contraction, which is also called resistance training. Hill walking, gardening, weight lifting, cycling, and dancing are the types of strength training exercises.

exercise impact on mental health

  • Mind-body exercises

Any exercise that includes physical work, breathing practice, and complete attention can be a mind-body exercise. You can do yoga, meditation, or different breath-controlling exercises.

Eat Healthy Diet

Your diet highly impacts your mental health. There are several nutrients if you miss them in your diet, it may cause stress and depression. Therefore, your diet must include essential vitamins and minerals for mental health. For example, Vitamin B12 and Folate B9 are crucial for a healthy nervous system. Vitamins are essential for your mental and physical health and your beauty.

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Have a Healthy Lifestyle

A healthy lifestyle is a complete solution for almost 70% of your mental health problems. People who sleep early, wake up early, eat healthy, and do workout are less likely to get any mental health issues. Similarly, if you are keeping a well-maintained work-life balance it is good for you too. It is important to go out with your friends, talk to your family and parents, have dinner at home, and spend weekends in beautiful places.

Furthermore, if you are facing any early signs of depression and anxiety, follow the following instructions to reduce its impact on your daily life.

  • Keep a journal with you, and try to write your daily routine and things that bother you. Journaling helps a lot to streamline the tangled and confused thoughts.
  • Go to your happy places
  • Admire and celebrate your achievements, even if they are small
  • Have a healthy relationship with everyone around you
  • Stay focused on your goals and keep doing healthy activities

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Now, you know how mental health affects physical health. It is important to take precise note of your mental health problems. And if you are still going through mental breakdowns after maintaining your lifestyle, you must go to a psychiatrist. You need to take medical consultations and regular sessions to avoid any severity. Keep focus on your health and have a happy and positive life!

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