Impacts of Social Media on Mental Health?
Impacts of Social Media on Mental Health?
Mental Health

What are the Impacts of Social Media on Mental Health?

A survey showed that, in America, people check their phones 46 times per day. With this frequency of social media usage, we are undoubtedly facing consequences. Social Media is widely popular among all ages. The 2020 survey shows more than 3.6 billion people use social media. Let’s discuss the impacts of social media on mental health.

Everyone feels like we are connected; however, in real we are just detached from the real world. The isolation is causing mental health issues among people. We are going to highlight some major impacts of social media on mental health, educate you about the harms of social media, and some remedies to reduce its usage in the following blog. Let’s go

Negative Impacts of Social Media on Mental Health

Are you aware of the fact that “Excess of everything is bad?” If yes, that’s the case with social media. People who use social media intensely and spend hours or whole nights on social media are the ones who suffer from depression and anxiety. Because of sleeplessness and excessive use of mobile, they create severe issues for themselves.

The Role of Social Media in Human Life

There is a well-known proverb: “Humans are social animals.” We, humans, seek companionship and the company of other people to feel connected. It is in our nature that we want to feel like we belong to something or someone. Our connections give us the strength and energy to feel alive daily. Biologically, the hormones that activate the happy feelings in the human body stimulate the company of people we like. For example, if you are sad and suddenly get a call from someone you care about, your mood will automatically switch to the happy side.

impact mental health

Why Is Social Connection Important?

People who are socially connected show less likelihood of getting depression, anxiety, insomnia, overthinking, and loneliness. They feel fresh every day compared to those detached from the real world. Detaching from the real world can cause severe mental and emotional crises.

You may be aware of the technological advancement of the real world. People are dependent on different social media platforms to seek personal connections. They find new people on Twitter, Snapchat, Facebook, and Instagram. These platforms have become a massive source of connection to the outside world, making new friends, and finding romantic partners for themselves.

Goods and Bads of Social Media

Undoubtedly, a person can spend quality time on social media with good company. It will help to relieve stress and anxiety. They can share their interests, achievements, and everyday life with other people. However, technology, which was supposed to make people closer to each other, is causing loneliness and anxiety in their lives.

If you are one of those people who spend too much time on social media, you probably must be aware of the dissatisfaction, sadness, and anxiety we are discussing. We will discuss how to cope with the issue in the following sections.

A Sense of Self-Doubt

People share their personal information, life events, visiting places, and family photos. These photos can make others insecure about their own lives. Several girls feel they are not beautiful after watching manipulated photos and videos of models and different influential bloggers.

We share the happy moments and illuminated areas of their lives. No one tends to discuss the low points and dark spots we have experienced somewhere. Therefore, the viewers on the internet think that bad things are just happening to them. While everyone else is happy and enjoying their life correctly.

These thoughts are enough to put you in a position of self-doubt.

Addiction to Social Media

In today’s world, “Offline is a new luxury.” People spend hours on social media just in the fear of missing out. They want to keep their self-esteem up by being online all the time to be one who knows everything. Moreover, they want to show the world that their life is good, too. They are also enjoying everything around them.

Positive impacts of social media on mental health

Consequently, they become addicted to social media. Try to share every little detail about their life. They put themselves in an unwanted competition with the world. The fear of missing out makes them crazy about social media. They check their phone every second to see if there is any alert or news. They become distant from the real world and isolate themselves. Moreover, studies have shown that social media is one of the main reasons for reducing the social connection between people in the real world.

Anxiety and Depression

The isolation further causes depression and anxiety. You need in-person interaction with someone you love or eye-to-eye contact to relax. These interactions are essential for boosting the mood and feeling energized. However, people who spend more time on social media than in real-world interactions are prone to depression and anxiety.

Besides the time people spend on social media, the quality of the material they see on the internet also impacts their mental structure.

Chances to Catch Self-Absorption and Cyberbullying

When You Share everything about your life on social media, your life becomes public. People know everything about your inner thoughts, personal life, and more. You may get the habit of self-absorption and start keeping a distance from people in real life.

On the other hand, cyberbullying has become one of the most significant issues in the digital world. 9 out of 10 teens have been the victim of cyberbullying. People spread hurtful rumours and taunts on other people’s pictures to make fun of and enjoy the internet.

Signs that Social Media is Impacting Your Life

If you want to know whether social media is impacting your mental health, there are some signs you need to look for. One thing to remember: it is not proven that you will catch these mental issues if you excessively use social media. Sometimes, people spend hours on different social sites and have a healthy life.

  • However, social media may be the reason if your mental health is disturbed. If you are facing sleep troubles or feel addicted to your phone, it’s because of social media.
  • Some people become sad and self-conscious while their lives are pretty standard. Social media can be the reason.
  • Similarly, some people avoid social interactions in the real world; they do not interact face-to-face but actively use social apps.
  • People start comparing their lives with others and try to post whatever they have to make others jealous.

Consequently, if you have any of these issues with yourself, try to avoid social media for some time. It will be great for your health.

How to Counter the Negative Impacts of Social Media

There are several ways to avoid mental health issues due to social media. One of the most effective remedies, which helped me alot during the past years, is to adopt a healthy lifestyle. A healthy lifestyle means a sleep schedule, eating schedule, work-life balance routine, and a healthy connection with the real world.

  • Maintain a Healthy LifeStyle

Have a healthy eating and sleep schedule for yourself. Try to keep yourself bound by this timeline. If you sleep early, you will wake up early in the morning. You can meditate, such as yoga and exercise, to relax. These activities provide you with inner satisfaction and happiness. You will feel more alive and healthy.

social media has a negative impact on mental health

After taking the medication, shower, have a healthy breakfast, and start your day with new confidence and passion.

  • Try to Reduce Your Screen Time

You can replace the screen with a book or something else. Try to write a diary or do something other than scroll down on social media before bed. This healthy activity is prone to provide you with a tension-free, relaxed sleep.

Positive Impacts of Social Media on Mental Health

Besides the negative side, social media has several positive impacts on human minds. It keeps the people connected when they are living apart in other areas. You can see their pictures of life events and share your life with them.

  • You can entertain yourself with funny content.
  • Similarly, you can learn different facts about the world.
  • Moreover, you can share pictures, videos, and different life events with your family and friends.


Everything has some benefits and shortcomings. The use of something makes it good or bad for us. Suppose you use social media for enjoyment and fun and do not make a great deal out of it. It is suitable for you. However, you know the consequences.

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