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Lisa T. Swain, CDN, RDN, MS, is a pediatric well-registered dietician. A top nutritionist influencer committed to educating her audience about childhood and infant nutrition. Lisa owns a private practice and nutrition consulting agency that assists caregivers in confidently feeding their kids and babies.
Her ultimate motto is to help families raise intuitive, adventurous eaters and revamp our next generation’s nutritional behavior and habits in ways that will significantly reduce chronic lifestyle disease risks and optimize long-lasting health.
Lisa contracts her dietary services to the Glencoe Club, Suncor Energy, and the Prostate Cancer Centre. She is recognized in community and corporate Calgary as a nutrition educator, nutrition expert, accomplished speaker, and freelance writer.
A 2023 and 2023 health advisory member of the board and advisory council member for obesity projects, Lisa earned two undergraduate degrees from a prestigious institution and a Master’s degree in Nutrition Sciences from Duke University School of Medicine.
Lisa has also worked as a bariatric surgery dietitian and an outpatient weight loss. She now serves as a preceptor, counseling seven dietetic students each year in entrepreneurship rotations and pediatrics.
Beyond her professional activities, Lisa is a fantastic family person. She loves spending quality time with her family, friends, and relatives. Her devotion to family life reflects her compassion and empathy, which helps her build strong relationships with customers.

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